A Modern Day Psalm: Dear God, Where Are You?

Dear God,

You say that all I have to do is call to You, and You will tell me things I do not know.

So, tell me: Where are You?

I can’t read the news anymore. There’s so much pain in the world right now, and I can’t help but wonder—where is Your light? You say You have overcome the world, but we still have to live in it, and it is so very broken. I tell my children that You are a good and loving God who will protect them. But then, in the same breath, I have to explain why they aren’t allowed to see their friends or be near their grandparents.

People are losing their jobs. Families are being separated. Our hospitals across the world are overflowing, yet our churches are required to be empty. We are watching our friends and family members through windows, and we can’t even hold their hands as they fight for each breath.

I’m trying so hard.
To shine love.
To serve with grace.
To protect the helpless.
To operate in faith.

But God, I need You. Are You mad at us? Are we fighting?

Are You there?


My Child,

I am where I have always been.

When things seem dark, look to the Light of the World. Turn off the news and open My Word. Find My promises, and hold onto them tightly. If your children are sad or scared, tell them to come to Me, and I will comfort them. They are not alone, and neither are you. I promised to be with you. And I AM.

The church buildings are empty because My church has been sent out. You are called for such a time as this. You are serving on the frontlines, so be strong. Inspire bravery by choosing faith over fear, worship over worry, and peace over panic. Find ways to shine My light—in your homes, in your neighborhoods, and in your communities. Share My truth with those who need to hear it. I promised to be with you. And I AM.

I know you are tired. I see the way you are pushing yourself every day, and I am so proud of you. But at the end of the day, when the beds are full of sleeping children and the work has been finished, come to Me for refreshment. Come to Me, and I will give you rest. Come to Me, and I will fill you to overflowing with My love and My grace. I will equip you to protect the helpless, and I will strengthen your faith. In the mess. In the chaos. My mercies are new every morning. I promised to be with you. And I AM.

Seek Me, and you will find Me. You can find Me in the sunrise, and the flowers, and the trees. You can find Me in the smiles, and the laughter, and the acts of love. You can find Me in the hospital rooms and with those who are hurting. You can find me in the waiting, in the doubting, and in the heartache. I am not afraid to walk with you into the valley. I went to the grave for you, so how can you think there is anywhere I would not go? I am here. I promised to be with you. And I AM.

I am not fighting against you, my sons and daughters.

I am fighting for you. Always.

For I AM the Lord, your God, and I will never break My promises.

“For the LORD your God is He who fights for you, just as He promised you.”
– Joshua 23:10


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