Our Grief is Temporary

We were never meant to be separated.

Not from God, and not from each other. That wasn’t the plan God had for His creation.

We weren’t supposed to lose our mothers, fathers, children, spouses, siblings, or friends. God never wanted us to carry that kind of grief. Our hearts know it—that’s why there is something in us that cries out, “This isn’t right,” when our loved ones are stolen from us. And as we struggle with our sorrow, sometimes we can’t help but wonder how a good God could let us suffer.

The truth is that death was not a part of God’s original created order. He designed us to eat from‪ the tree of life‬ and to walk alongside Him in the Garden. We were the ones who chose to eat from the other tree, bringing sin and death into the world, yet even then God didn’t abandon us. Instead, He moved Heaven and earth to get us back. (Or, rather, He left Heaven and moved to earth.)

When Jesus came to earth, He came as God’s Word: He was everything that God wanted to tell us. Which is why I’ve always loved that Scripture makes a point to tell us that Jesus wept when Lazarus died. Even knowing that Lazarus would live again, the Son of God cried because those He loved were in pain.

In doing so, he gave us a glimpse of how God feels about our grief—how He weeps with us in our anguish and shares in our suffering because things are not as they should be.

Some days, the pain of missing someone is like a dull ache, and other days it’s enough to knock the breath out of you. But on the days it hurts the most, remember that our grief is temporary. Because on the cross, Jesus sealed the promise that God’s order would be restored:


‘He will wipe away every tear from their eyes and eliminate death entirely. No one will mourn or weep any longer. The pain of wounds will no longer exist, for the old order has ceased.’ – Revelation 21:4 (TPT)


7 thoughts on “Our Grief is Temporary

  1. I can’t wait until Jesus comes to wipe away every tear. Some grief is so intense that you feel that you can’t even get up in the morning. Death and sorrow were never meant to be in the perfect world that God originally created without sin.


  2. This is beautifully written. Jesus wept. One of my favorite verses in the entire bible. I love what you said, “because of the cross”. Yes bc of Jesus our grief is only temporary. Praise God!


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