Clinging to Faith in a Broken World

Over the past few months, the Holy Spirit really convicted me about my spirit of defense. I frequently felt the need to deflect, deny, or defend, instead of trying to listen with an open heart or empathize with someone’s pain. So many times, I rolled my eyes at something on social media, only to feel a tug in my spirit: Your experiences do not negate someone else’s. So I finally sat down and spent some time in prayer.

I prayed, “Lord, give me Your eyes,” because I want to see people. To see past the harsh words and sharp edges, past the smiles and small talk, straight into their hearts.

I prayed, “Lord, give me Your ears,” because I want to hear people. To keep my defenses down while they are speaking. To stop responding in anger or frustration, and instead to simply listen. To hear what they are saying and to hear what they are not saying.

I prayed, “Lord, give me Your hands,” because I want to serve people. To learn how to care for those around me in practical ways and show compassion through tangible actions.

I prayed, “Lord, give me Your heart,” because I want to love people. To love when it is easy and to love when it is hard. Not perfect people, not certain people, but all people.

And let me tell you, the Lord answered me. I asked for His eyes, and the needs I see are overwhelming. I asked for His ears, and the cries I hear are deafening. I asked for His hands, and mine are straining under the weight of turmoil and distress. I asked for His heart, and now my own is breaking.

This world is hard. There is so much pain, and so much hurt. When open wounds are met with closed hearts, it is easy to lose faith. But as I turn to God—with opened eyes, and humbled ears, and bleeding hands, and a broken heart—I whisper, “Lord, give me Your words.” And the words He fills my soul with are these:

Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.



11 thoughts on “Clinging to Faith in a Broken World

  1. Amen girl! At first, I was gripped with a fear when reading the phrase “the Lord answered me.” Asking these things, inviting myself into the answers, is hard and overwhelming. “That’s why I hate praying this stuff! I can’t handle it. The weight…it is too much!”, I say to myself. As I continued to read, I was humbled into freedom! I don’t want to misspeak on what the Lord is saying in the last verse that you shared, but maybe he’s speaking through this thought. It is not that we take our heart. It is a broken heart. It cannot bear the hard, overwhelming weight. But, what if we approach the verse in this way? The Lord telling us: “Take heart -Take MY heart – because I have overcome the world with this very heart that, for the joy set before it endured the cross” (Heb 12:2). His heart can bear the hard, overwhelming weight, even to the point of death (Phil 2). Praise Him! Thank you for blowing my mind and heart, Lord! Thank you precious friend for faithfully sharing your journey of faith.

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  2. I learned a long time ago to be careful what you pray for. God just might give it to you! But as Christian’s we should be praying for these be his hands and feet her on the Earth. To have his heart so that we can truly love people the way he does. When we start to see the world as He does the world will really start to change.


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