God Has the Worst Fan Base

I was scrolling through Facebook the other day and came across a post talking about abortion. It encouraged people who consider themselves pro-life to show grace to mothers who did choose life, but didn’t do it in a conventional way: the teenage girl who dropped out of high school to have her baby, the married woman who gave her baby up for adoption, the unmarried woman who had a baby with her boyfriend, or the woman using food stamps at the grocery store to support her five children. The writer shared that all of them chose life, yet still get judged by the people who claim to be pro-life because they have a non-traditional lifestyle.

The comments quickly dissolved into a fight, and one woman told the other commenters that they were going to burn in hell because they were all wicked and evil. In response, there was one single comment that I will never forget: “God has the worst fan base.”

Friends, can we just admit that maybe the church has messed up? Maybe we—as human beings—got a few things wrong?

Maybe we have tried to portray ourselves as “better” instead of letting people know we are the same. We all struggle, we all fall short, and we all deal with guilt, and fear, and sorrow. People shouldn’t look at Christians and see perfect people with perfect lives and say, “Oh, I want that.” They should look at broken, messy people and see forgiveness, love, and hope and say, “Oh, I want JESUS.”

As a whole, Christians aren’t always the most tolerant group. Sometimes we try to hold non-believers to a standard we can’t even meet. We are all sinners, and we aren’t better than anyone else just because we are saved. Believing Jesus died for you and your sins is not the same as believing you deserved it.

The only difference between them and us is that we are forgiven and free from the weight and shame that comes from sin. And we should want the people in our lives to be forgiven and free, too.

This is not a liberals versus conservatives issue OR a believers versus non-believers issue. It is a Christians versus the enemy issue because he is more than happy to hold up a veil between “us” and “them” and let us push people further and further away from the Cross with our self-righteousness and judgment.

We should never compromise our beliefs, but we should also avoid compromising our witness. When we say things like, “If you believe <something>, then just delete me” or “We can’t be friends if you support <something>,” we are closing the door on any chance we might have had to speak into their lives. We are losing the opportunity to share about grace, and truth, and a God who loves them desperately—the way we are supposed to.

11 thoughts on “God Has the Worst Fan Base

  1. I had a similar discussion with someone not too long ago… we as Christians approach people from the head. And we might mean well and we might even care! But it’s the delivery that makes the world of difference!

    We have to learn to approach from the heart. And the only way to do that is by having Jesus in our hearts. Literally! Reading and studying our bibles and asking God for His wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Praying for the opportunity to witness and be an affective witness of His Word.

    This is how we get that conversation seasoned with grace! And not come at someone headstrong.

    “Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.”
    ‭‭Colossians‬ ‭4:6‬ ‭KJV‬‬

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  2. Yes, we desperately need this message to get out there more. We can definitely do better at sharing that we’re not perfect and giving more grace to others, too!


  3. A topic that needs to be addressed more, but then we get bashed by our own. Why can’t people separate the sin from the person. Then we Christians will bash the heck out of each other to “prove” their viewpoint is right. I’ve never understood that.


  4. Yes yes yes. And I think abortion is the biggest issue that brings out the worst in hypocritical Christians. Our church has been doing some studies on tolerance and compassion. It’s been so very helpful. Amen for this article.

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  5. My niece just posted the quote.”God has the worst fan base”. Curious as to what this meant, I googled the phrase and it brought me to your article. I agree with what you are saying and and am so sorry that she has felt this way, but I totally get why. She is definitely searching and I will continue to be a light to her as she journeys towards knowing God. So sad that Christians have inadvertently pushed seekers away with all the arguing on issues, in the name of Christ, without the hint of compassion for a person who is seeking.


    1. Nancy, I’m grateful that your niece has someone like you in her life! Im also so sorry she has felt this way, and pray that God will give you the right words at the right time so you can shine His truth and grace ♥️


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