Even After

Over the past weekend, I was home with two sick kids during a snowstorm and—I’ll admit it—we watched a lot of movies. I tried fun games, hot chocolate, cookie baking, and dancing around in the living room, but somehow all of that only took two hours, with a very long 46 hours to go. So I just accepted the impending mom guilt and turned on Netflix.

The good news is that God loves using those moments when I’m wallowing in guilt to lay His Words on my heart. This weekend, it was all about the happily ever after. Movie after movie had the implied happily ever after we all know and love… for the good guys. But what about the bad guys?

Because here’s the thing: In Biblical terms, we are not the good guys. No, we are the sinners. The ones who ate the forbidden fruit, rebelled against God, and ultimately needed Jesus to die on the cross.

Which is why it’s so incredible that we have a God who not only promises a happy ever after but also a happy EVEN after.

Even after sin.

Even after addiction.

Even after pride.

Even after alcoholism.

Even after abuse.

Even after divorce.

Even after years and years of not living the way He called us to live.

As believers, we are still promised a joyful eternity in Heaven because Jesus chose the cross. No other story can compare to the one written by our Creator.

So, no, me turning on the television probably didn’t ruin my kid’s lives. But it did give me the opportunity on a cold, snowy day to talk to them about Jesus and how amazing His love for us is.

But God shows His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.
– Romans 5:8

3 thoughts on “Even After

  1. So insightful! I loved how God speaks to us through things we do not expect. Sometimes we are so hard on ourselves. It is good to know that our loving father knows our heart no matter what parenting techniques we use. It is amazing that He decided to remind you of His love when you were going down on yourself with guilt. He loves us more than we think!!!

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  2. I pray often God will show me his priorities. That reminds me of what you’ve shard in this post. He’s so faithful, and his redemption is thorough. A wonderful reminder!


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