Standing in the Gap

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When is the last time you stood in the gap for someone you loved? Many of us do this daily, praying over our family members and our friends. We might miss a day here and there, or even a week when we are really busy, but we consistently remember to lift them up. Do we have the same faithfulness and persistence to lift up our fellow church members? Our leaders? Our communities? Cities? Nations?

Confession: Most days, if all of my prayers were answered, my daughter and husband would stay safe and my food would be blessed, but the world would remain unchanged.

The ministry of intercession, or “standing in the gap” is such an important one. In Exodus, scripture says that Moses’ intercession for the people of God caused the Lord to relent and “not bring on his people the disaster he had threatened.” In Acts, we saw that because of the church’s prayers, Peter’s chains fell from his hands and he was led out of prison by an angel of God. In John, Jesus took time to intercede for the church, something He continues to do today. This was Jesus’ prayer over us: “That they may be one even as you and I are one, Father just as you are in me and I am in You.”

His prayer was that we would be one: one body, of one Spirit, of one faith.

The act of praying for others helps us think beyond ourselves. Today, I encourage you to spend at least half an hour in faithful and fervent prayer. Rather than coming before God with an agenda, come before Him with an open heart and ask the Holy Spirit to guide your prayer time.




  1. Matt

    Such a good post! Praying for the church is a very important part of building up the church! And praying for His agenda results in such a greater work!


  2. Kelly

    This was really something that made me step back and rethink how I pray. Usually I pray for my children and my grandchildren. I pray for the students in my school where I teach. I seem to only pray for our country around election time or if there is a significant world event. I like the thought of going to God without an agenda.


  3. Tosin Moji

    Jordan!!! The way you just convicted me!!! My pastor always says spend more time prayer for others than yourself. Some days I do it but other days I’m so overwhelmed with my “issues” that that becomes my focus. God help us prayer for others.


  4. Lori Ferguson (@Ready2Encourage)

    This question is powerful… (sigh). Thank you for sharing your thoughts and calling on all of us to question our motives. Rob (hubby) and I have been praying for a renewal and revival in our congregations… but we don’t always remember to pray for this in every prayer — and sometimes (if I’m being candid) there just isn’t the fervor for that desire that probably should happen. Oh, boy.


  5. Heather Brandon

    Very true. When I was in jr. High my Sunday school teacher told us that the smallest amount of our prayers should be for ourselves and that the largest portion should be in praise and thanksgiving. No agenda. I like it.


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