If You Want to Get Up, Tell Them to Get Out

I found myself in Mark 5 this morning, reading about Jesus raising the young girl from the dead. All He had to do was take her by the hand and say, “Little girl—get up!” and immediately, she stood up and began to walk around.

Maybe you know that Jesus wants to resurrect you from something—He’s telling you to get up—but you don’t see the fruit.

If you back up a few verses, notice what Jesus did right before He healed the girl: He pruned. When He told the crowd that she was not dead but asleep, they laughed at Him. So He told them to get out. Scripture says He put them all outside before going upstairs with the child’s mother, father, and the disciples who were with Him. Then He revived the girl.

Sometimes before you can get up, certain people have to get out.

Maybe it’s a group of friends who bring out the worst in you or keep pulling you into a revolving door of drama and conflict. Maybe there’s a person you love whose opinion you respect, but they can’t stop holding you to your past. Or maybe you’re struggling because people in your life are refusing to believe in the resurrection you’re praying for.

Don’t waste your time trying to convince people to help you up.

Instead, find the people who pray bigger things for you than you pray for yourself. Those who help you grow your faith and trust by continually pointing you toward Jesus. Those who aren’t afraid to challenge you but always couple biblical truth with compassion. Those who meet your struggles with the reminder that your Savior has washed you clean.

Those are the people you need in your inner circle. Everyone else can get out ♥️

19 thoughts on “If You Want to Get Up, Tell Them to Get Out

  1. Great post! We have to learn to let people go. It’s hard sometimes especially if they are family or close friends. But God can’t resurrect you if the naysayers and those of little faith are still in the room.


  2. This is so good!! Yes!!! 100% on board with this, and it’s something so many of us need to take action on. It’s not always easy, but the results speak for themselves, LIFE! Thank you for sharing, I’ve reblogged on WordPress, liked your post and shared to Twitter. I feel it’s a message that many need to hear. Bless you xx

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  3. Jordan amen and amen! This year has been pivotal for me in learning to put up healthy boundaries, but you would be proud of me. Several toxic people are out of my life finally. I am not happy they are gone, I’m thankful their non-stop, ungodly toxicity cannot infect me anymore. ❤

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  4. Such valid points!! John Maxwell has this thought that you are a combo of the 3 people you spend the most time with. That shook me. I think there is so much value in the company you keep. My journey may outgrow people, but my love never does. And that’s ok with me today. Thank you for sharing!

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