Cruise Control

This post was written by one of the amazing ladies in my life, Tiffany.

We’ve all had those days (or weeks) where it seems like everything that can go wrong, does.

The past couple of months have been a whirlwind, but this week was a breaking week.
My family recently received some sad, confusing news. My blood work didn’t come back as I had hoped and the new medicine I’ll be on is much stronger which results in me feeling even worse. 

And then this morning, I got pulled over for speeding. Not going to lie, I cannot stop laughing about it now. When the trooper pulled me over, of course he explained why and then asked for my license. After taking a few moments to look through my bottomless pit of a bag, guess what? No license. Obviously I’m stressed so he tells me not to worry about it and instead takes my name and date of birth- also asking why I was speeding.

My answer: “I’m not making excuses but it’s just been a rough week. Then one of my favorite songs came on and it said “when I walk through deep waters, I know You will be with me” and I just got carried away in the moment.”

Expecting him to look at me like I’m crazy he just said: “Yeah, God will do that to you.”
He walked back to his car and when he came back he said, “I’m letting you off with a warning- also I’m pretty sure I went to high school with your dad.” As he was walking away he turned around and said, “Next time you’re talking to God, use cruise control”.

Today I am thankful for Gods sense of humor.

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